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Flower arrangements presented to women are much more diverse than bouquets for men.

The blame for this is most likely not the fact that men do not like flowers, just the tradition of giving flowers began with a gift to the fair sex. Despite all the variety, you need to know that not every composition and not every woman can be given. Flower delivery in Stakhanov will help people not familiar with the language of flowers to choose the right bouquet.

There is no doubt that flowers are given to a woman very often and the choice of bouquets does not matter - you can collect an armful of field flowers, you can stop at garden plants, and you can make her happy with spectacular exotic flowers. But, as follows from practice, the wider the choice, the harder it is to decide on it and not be in a mess, giving a composition that can be perceived in two digits.

There are a number of rules, adhering to which you can pick the appropriate flowers.

Flower delivery in Stakhanov will help not only to quickly present a gift without being able to do it yourself, but also to prompt the person exactly the option that best suits the celebration and the woman for whom the bouquet is intended. To begin with, the intensity of the color gamut of the composition depends on the age of the person for whom the flowers are intended. For young girls, you should choose delicate, pastel colors and barely blossoming buds, since all this is a symbol of youth and innocence. Stop the selection on pink and white. Older women can take the delivery of such a bouquet for a hidden mock and take offense. For them the order of flowers in Stakhanov in more saturated tones of burgundy, red, lilac will suit. Buds should be open. It is appropriate to decorate the bouquet richly with decorative elements - hanging bows, ribbons, various figures from feathers, plastic, ripe fruits. While bouquets for girls are decorated with small soft toys, sweets (marshmallows, sweets, marmalade, tiny cakes). Packaging should not be lush, and its shape depends on the originality of the donor and the specifics of the holiday.

In most cases, the form of the composition does not depend on the growth and build of the woman, but in a number of solemn occasions - weddings, childbirth, graduation ball, the proportions of the bouquet should match the proportions of the woman, emphasizing the individuality of the gift. For example, a flower shop in Stakhanov advises lush ladies to give large (at least 50 centimeters) volumetric bouquets that will hide figure flaws.