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Perhaps everyone believes that buying a bouquet is a simple matter. Come, see and buy your favorite composition - what could be easier? In fact, experts say, you need the ability to choose the appropriate flowers, then to enjoy their beauty, and the plants themselves for a long time filled the apartment with aroma and beauty. Necessary skill in the selection of high-quality fresh and beautiful goods, for which the money paid. Flower delivery in Sievierodonetsk will provide you only the most high-quality and beautiful bouquets, which can be ordered just by going online and filling out an application.

If you still decide to choose a bouquet yourself, a few tips will not hurt you. To determine the freshness of plants is easiest as the petals. They should not contain stains of unnatural color. If at the edges of the petal you find striped streaks - a bouquet is not the first freshness, also, if there is a suspicion that there are not enough of some petals - most likely, they have been removed to hide the ignorance. You can also pay attention to the color of the slice - it should be uniform and bright, it should also have a smooth and smooth shape. Uneven edges suggest that the flower has been cut long ago. The surest means of determining the freshness of a flower is to try a bud with your fingers just above the point of connection with the stem. Fresh buds are always dense and firm, say our florists, a stronger pressing leads to a slight creaking. Having made an order of flowers in Severodonetsk, you can always check their freshness on delivery in this way.

No less often dishonest sellers try to deceive the buyer by holding a broken flower together with a needle. Of course, such a trick is often deceived by a novice buyer, but there is enough of a slight shaking to see the deception. Also, experienced sellers are able to fool novice buyers by immersing flowers completely in water for a day. This method allows you to give a fresh look, but budding the bud will always help determine deception.

A flower shop in Sievierodonetsk advises to wear a bouquet always in buds down, gently, protecting from wind and cold. Upon arrival, all the leaves and thorns that will be under water should be removed - this will prolong the life of the bouquet. Also cut a small piece of the stalk at an angle, and cut the cut crosswise.